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An amazing blend of Robusta and Arabica beans, Si L’ESPRESSO & DEL CAPPUCCINO finest premixed coffee strikes the right balance between the strength and aroma of coffee. The rich taste of Espresso engulfs your senses and stimulates your taste buds.  It drives your mind into a world of positive thoughts and sets you up for a beautiful refreshing start to your morning.

With a delicate blend of non-dairy creamer and just the right amount of natural sugar, it leaves no residue when mixed with water. Our premixed coffee fulfils our one simple promise, to provide the same pleasurable coffee taste every single time.

The Benefits Of Ocano Coffee

Coffee contains antioxidants and caffeine, an alkaloid that not only helps give coffee its remarkable taste but also increases your stamina. Athletes, cyclists and swimmers are advised to drink a cup of coffee 30-60 minutes before they go about their routine as coffee helps alleviate and reduce stress

A cup of coffee a day keeps that type 2 diabetes away. Researchers in the USA have found that a certain antioxidant in coffee helps the way our bodies process sugar, thus reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Coffee also helps keep liver damage at bay. Research shows that when it comes to cirrhosis, hepatitis or even alcohol abuse, coffee drinkers show much less liver damage. Coffee also reduces the risk of liver cancer according to some other studies.

Coffee, surprisingly, helps boost your memory. An experiment conducted in Austria, using FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans, has confirmed that gulping down a cup of coffee before simple memory tests helps with memory recall. Coffee helps improve short-term memory and reaction times.

Our coffee is made with high quality specialty graded Arabica Coffee Beans for Sale in Turkey that are freshly roasted and developed to give an exquisite experience. We make coffee for everyone. Your livelihood, or for your home or office, Ocano creates coffee from organic coffee bean for people who care about making a lasting impression on their audience. Our coffees can make life a little better. We import our 100% Arabica, raw coffee beans from the most biologically Region of Brazil. This region, is known for cultivating specialty coffee beans. While over two-thirds of the coffee grown throughout the world is arabica, this does not mean that all arabica beans are equal in quality.

Brazilian coffee is not only high quality in the way it is roasted, but also in the special grade flavors it can be roasted into which it makes Turkish coffee or Italian espresso and cappuccino and wonderful experience and joy. The intense sweetness, usually of chocolate and caramel, combined with big bodies and low acidity makes our coffee an incredibly desirable product to buy Coffee Beans Online in Turkey, Espresso Whole Bean Coffee in Turkey, which we sell as in private label as premix coffee powder online and organic coffee beans in turkey and in Asia.

Our coffee is famous for its luxurious; best Cappuccino Flavored Coffee in Turkey, the combination of rich volcanic soil, pleasant tropical climate and high elevations helps the Arabica berries ripen perfectly, which is why our coffee is such a very high quality.

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Ocano Coffee Packaging

  • Our brand has been given the best possible packaging to provide the best protection for the product, convenience to the consumers, and shelf visibility.

    Our coffee comes packed in an Aluminum Foil based laminate to ensure that the coffee aroma is locked into every sachet of the product and comes as unit packs of 15 sachets in a carton box.

    It's Simple: We love coffee, and we love Brazilian & Colombian coffee.

    We work directly with Brazilian & Colombian coffee growers to source best-of-harvest green coffee beans. Without shortcuts, showing care and respect to everyone along the way – from the people who grow it to the people who drink it.


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